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These are not custom towers. Custom towers start at $225 TO SEE CUSTOM CUPCAKE TOWERS CLICK HERE

$179 Cupcake Towers FAQ - Only For Orders in This Section - Does Not Apply to Custom Orders

What does $179 include? : $179 Includes a 6 in. round 8-12 serving cake, 24 cupcakes, stand and message plaque.

Why are these lower priced than custom orders? Because they are specially designed to make a beautiful display and yet be less expensive for us to make.The decorations are all hand made edible sugar except for supports like wires, feathers and ribbon on shoes and wand. There is nothing fake on the cakes or cupcakes like plastic decorations. Everything is made fresh to order and is the same quality and standard as our higher priced designs.

How do I order?: By phone 713-899-5256 and email. A $50 deposit is due when ordering and can be paid by VISA or MC over the phone. Balance is due the day of pick up.

What do you mean by Mix and Match? Choose any single color cupcake icing. Choose any stand color combination. Choose any cupcake toppers seen in this section. Cake toppers are also interchangeable. Mix and match applies only to design element seen in this section.

Can I change the colors of my order without paying more? Yes, the order colors can be changed at no extra charge as long as they are standard colors seen in this section of the website. Just tell us which colors you'd like changed and where. If you'd like an extra icing color on the cupcakes like this, add $5.

Some of the cupcakes have colored liners. Are those extra? There is no charge for colored cupcake liners. We have hot pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, dark brown, black, pink with white polka dots, black and white zebra and pink and white zebra.

Can the stand be different colors? Yes, any combination of colors seen on the stands can be used at no extra charge. Just let us know what colors you'd like.

Do I have to just have one icing color on the cupcakes? If you'd like two icing colors on the cupcakes, add $5.

What are the flavor choices for the $179 line? Cake- White Almond, Vanilla or Chocolate. Icing- Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream.

Can I have more than one flavor for this price? If you'd like a combination of 2 flavors, it adds $5 to the order.

What if I need extra cupcakes for a $179 cupcake tower? No problem, each $179 tower already comes with 24 cupcakes. If you need more than 24, they are $30 extra per dozen. However, only 24 cupcakes will fit on the 3 level stand.

Can the stand be taller? Yes, it's $20 per extra stand level. Please contact us for more info about how many cupcakes bigger stands can hold.






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